This wine needs decanting. Like someone who has to start their day with a coffee, and it’s better to give them space until they get their fix. They seem a bit cranky otherwise.


Review: Wine Science Show in Nottingham

Well, I’m a bad personal judge, so this review will be negative. Example… I stuffed up a couple of bits (majorly), forgot a section, and bumbled over some lines. Ultimately people did laugh, clapped at the end and told me they “Throughly enjoyed it.”

I just know I could have done much better, so I’m disappointed.

I now know which parts don’t work and have remembered how difficult it is to talk for 40plus mins. It’s all a learning game for the show in this format.

Ps there were about 20 in the crowd. The picture is pre show.

Nottingham open mic

I feel a little bad. Did a gig in Nottingham last night. I had 10min but I swear I got lighted at 8 (pictures routine and one story is normally 8min not 10). I had started another story so stopped and said “Oh that’s my time”. The crowd wanted me to finish the second story so I said “sorry” to the light lady and kept going. Great response from the crowd. I’m not 100% on the etiquette but if the crowd are happy I felt it was alright. Anyway, that’s a really good gig. If you ever want to go, look up NCFcomedy and see what’s happening.

Ps Cover picture is not me on stage. I took it so you get the idea of the venue. 120 people in the crowd. Great night.

Yay me!

One year ago I did a gig in Manchester, that’s in England – not wearing bed linen. I failed badly. It was horrible for the audience and me. It is was a gig at the Frog and Bucket comedy bar, called Beat the Frog. The format is for the audience to let you know if they don’t like you, and last year they really didn’t like me.

This year. Things were different. The audience was bigger. The biggest they’ve ever had there. 280 punters. And they didn’t want me to stop. They wanted me to keep going, they were enjoying my routine, but because of the nature of the comedy gig, if the audience doesn’t stop you before five minutes, the sound engineer has to.

If you do a routine, and don’t get booted off, you have “Beaten the Fog”, and this year I beat the frog!

I didn’t win the whole night, as those who do finish their 5min get voted on at the end, but I made the end. Plus the MC liked my set, that was Dan Nightingale, a tip top comedian. Plus an audience member stopped me to say that my comedy was television style not club room style, which was a nice way of saying he though I should have won. A few other people also liked me enough to say, “Well done,” as I walked past after the set or at the night end. Plus the owner of the venue stopped me when I was leaving to say he really enjoyed it, and that many big names had failed at his venue before rising up the ranks, so I should come back.

Now, I know this is a lot of blowing smoke up my own arse, but I deserve it. Come on. After last year’s failure, this year’s shot down at Raw Comedy heats, and a bit of bumbling in recent weeks, to now get the crowd, all 280, to laugh, and to do a full 5min at Beat the Frog, I’m happy with that.

Thanks for reading.

Have a great night.


ps: that’s not me on stage in the image, but the venue looks like that and is a great room. Go if you can. Get on if you can.