That’s Me At the #Bendigo Comedy Festival Last Weekend

Thank’s Jude for the image.


A Gig in Fryerstown

That’s my screen in the hall. I did the Wine Science Show as a practice in Fryerstown. It was a success in terms that I remembered most of it and the audience thanked me often afterwards.

Very kind people in a lovely area. It’d bea great spot to afternoon with a kind community if anyone ever goes to that town.

Comedy gigs in September

Yes, well, I’ll be doing open mics in Melbourne as I write a new show, but for events I’m organising see here:

Friday 21 September – Open Mic at the Engine Room –

Friday 21 September – Women of Wit Vol. 2 –



Bendigo Comedy Festival, tickets very soon.



Friday 30 November – Open Mic at the Engine Room –

Friday 30 November – Mo Laughs: Movember Stand-up Comedy Fundraiser –

Gigs in Bendigo for May 2018

I’ll be at a few comedy gigs in Bendigo for May. Such as these…

1 Tuesday – Write Stuff #7 at Music Man, 7pm (not comedy specific)

8 Thursday – Goldmines Comedy at Goldmines Courtyard, 8pm

16 Wednesday – Open Mic Comedy at the Metro (Puggs), 8pm

Extra Shows of the Wine Science Show at MICF

Following great reviews and sold out shows the Wine Science Show is adding two extra shows during the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Click here for link to tickets and Melbourne International Comedy Festival information:

Here’s the blurb about the show:

This is a wine science talk with jokes, answering questions about how much wine you can drink, why you drink, and how come Hungarians are dangerous with Champagne.

The show tells the story of Dom Perignon, an often lied about icon of Champagne. A name now associated with decadence, though as a pious monk he achieved great things without knowing why and by being a bit of a kill joy. He probably wouldn’t like the fizz his name is now synonymous with.

The Wine Science Show tells this story, gives a few great laughs, and explains how wine, and alcohol in general, impacts the body, mind and bladder.

The show is hosted by Luke Morris. After helping to plant vineyard at the age of 17, Luke has worked in wineries and wine sales in Australia and abroad for over 20 years – specialising in old and rare stock.

Now Luke studies Psychological Sciences at La Trobe University, and has written humour columns for Fairfax Media. He also writes comedy stories for the stage and manages stand-up comedy nights in Bendigo.

The Wine Science Show combines this work and study history, and is presented by Crowded, Pilgrim Bar and BucketofWork.

“…be inspired, entertained and educated.” Weekend Notes.

“…I felt the delicious abandon of a belly laugh.” Any The Hoo Rah.

“A lecture featuring copious amounts of Microsoft Paint and self-deprecation.” @PaulOfFame.