Putting Movember Comedy Night posters up around #Bendigo


Croft Institute to host the Science of Love and Sweating at 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Pretty cool.

The science theme bar of the Croft Institute will host the Science of Love and Sweating in 2019 at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Great alleyway bar next to Chinatown.

Keep an eye or two out.

Ask a friend and keep four looking for booking details.


MICF info session

I just attended an info session for the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


– Have six high res excellent images. These are what you need to sell your show. A picture sells to any and every audience. Have six to stay visually fresh, and so media can choose.

– Have a show identity. It is much easier for you to market and audience to buy tickets if everyone knows what you’re about. Also better to be different with a target group than just be another show that thinks it’s funny.

– Have a video. For people booking you in a venue, or audience deciding who to see, it’s lower riskif there is something, anything, they can see.

– Don’t be a dick. You need to work hard and get in people’s faces, but not up their nose. People want to work with good people.

– Support each other. Speaking of not being a dick, help those who might help you. If you have friends or a theme work with them. Get them to give you feedback at a preview show. And go give them help. Then you can market together, or at least share advice.

– It all starts now. God darn it.

A Gig in Fryerstown

That’s my screen in the hall. I did the Wine Science Show as a practice in Fryerstown. It was a success in terms that I remembered most of it and the audience thanked me often afterwards.

Very kind people in a lovely area. It’d bea great spot to afternoon with a kind community if anyone ever goes to that town.