Gigs in Bendigo for May 2018

I’ll be at a few comedy gigs in Bendigo for May. Such as these…

1 Tuesday – Write Stuff #7 at Music Man, 7pm (not comedy specific)

4 Friday – Shamrock Comedy at Gold Dust Lounge, 8pm

8 Thursday – Goldmines Comedy at Goldmines Courtyard, 8pm

16 Wednesday – Open Mic Comedy at the Metro (Puggs), 8pm


I made a GoFundMe

As the title suggests, I made a GoFundMe campaign to help sell 8 tickets to the final Wine Science Show of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Eight is small number, but as stated on the GoFundMe page here’s why I want 8…

I set myself a goal. Sell 50% of seats to shows at my first Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and I’ll buy myself a record player.
8 more tickets and I can replace my now broken player from 1994.
Please tell anyone about The Wine Science Show who might buy a ticket. Any money donated goes to paying for advertising.
I want smiling faces in the audience for my last show, this Saturday 21 April at 4.30pm in Melbourne, at Pilgrim Bar next to Federation Square.
I can produce the smiles. I just need the audience. Any help welcome.
Thank you.

Extra Show 1 Today

I’ve sold 2 tickets to today’s extra Wine Science Show.
Hmm, seems like a bad idea to have added these gigs when you consider the paid work I’ve given up and the time commitment away from Uni assignments.
Yesterday I flyered as best I could and will do so today I will try to let people know about the extra shows.
Yesterday I also got to chat to a few nice people about the show, and I saw three shows in the evening – works that others had created. One of these had a tiny audience, but it certainly was a good show.
There are so many reasons I should regret the decision to add extra shows.
I don’t.
If you are interested in the gig, here’s a link:

Extra Shows of the Wine Science Show at MICF

Following great reviews and sold out shows the Wine Science Show is adding two extra shows during the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Click here for link to tickets and Melbourne International Comedy Festival information:

Here’s the blurb about the show:

This is a wine science talk with jokes, answering questions about how much wine you can drink, why you drink, and how come Hungarians are dangerous with Champagne.

The show tells the story of Dom Perignon, an often lied about icon of Champagne. A name now associated with decadence, though as a pious monk he achieved great things without knowing why and by being a bit of a kill joy. He probably wouldn’t like the fizz his name is now synonymous with.

The Wine Science Show tells this story, gives a few great laughs, and explains how wine, and alcohol in general, impacts the body, mind and bladder.

The show is hosted by Luke Morris. After helping to plant vineyard at the age of 17, Luke has worked in wineries and wine sales in Australia and abroad for over 20 years – specialising in old and rare stock.

Now Luke studies Psychological Sciences at La Trobe University, and has written humour columns for Fairfax Media. He also writes comedy stories for the stage and manages stand-up comedy nights in Bendigo.

The Wine Science Show combines this work and study history, and is presented by Crowded, Pilgrim Bar and BucketofWork.

“…be inspired, entertained and educated.” Weekend Notes.

“…I felt the delicious abandon of a belly laugh.” Any The Hoo Rah.

“A lecture featuring copious amounts of Microsoft Paint and self-deprecation.” @PaulOfFame.

Coming Bendigo Gigs

See me and other comedians at these gigs in Bendigo…

Wednesday 14 March – Open Mic Comedy at Metro/Puggs, 8.30pm, Free

Thursday 15 March – The Wine Science Show (MICF Preview event) at Rocks on Rosalind, 5.30pm, Free

Thursday 15 March – Jimones, Comedy’s Not Dead at Goldmines Hotel, 8pm, $10

Wednesday 21 March – The Wine Science Show (MICF Preview event) at Goldmines Hotel in the Cellar, 5.45pm, Free

Thursday 22 March – Handle Bar Comedy at Handle Bar, 8pm, Free

Click the text link for more details

Then it’s all the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

European Tour Dates

Spread the word. I’ll be on at these dates:

Feb 12 Monday – Beat the Frog, Manchester

Feb 14 Wednesday – Pound Night, Nottingham

Feb 15 Thursday – The Wine Science Show, Weavers Wines of Nottingham

Feb 19 Monday – Come Talk Funny, Reykjavik

Feb 22 Thursday – Golden Mic, Reykjavik

If you want more information please ask, or seek out the venue.

February 15 Thursday – The Wine Science Show in Nottingham

For those friends in the UK, I’ll be at No.17 Castle Gate for a slightly unconventional tasting.

It’ll begin with a discussion on wine production whilst tasting through the different styles hosted by the Weavers staff.

Then I’ll take over, with the Wine Science Show, an entertainingly funny talk through all things wine.

Tell someone you like, and come along yourself.

Book here:

Buy Tickets for the Wine Science Show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

The Wine Science Show is going to be at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

It’s a wine science talk with jokes, answering questions such as how much wine you can drink, why you drink, and how come Hungarians are dangerous with Champagne. Drawing on biology, psychology and MicrosoftPaint, this is the perfect pre-dinner, post-work, or intra-drinking show.

Buy tickets now via the MICF web site: