Dating Stories: The Phone Call Lady

I was going through my phone and I thought, Who’s Becky? So I pressed call and then I remembered that we went on a date about a year ago and I wanted to see her again but she didn’t reply to my text, and at that moment, she answered.

“Hello?” she said.

“Oh, hello,” I said.

She said, “Who’s this?”

I lied and said, “It’s Matt.”

She said, “Oh hey! What are you doing?”

I said, “Not much.”

She said, “Do you want to come around?”

I said, “I’m outside your house.”

She said, “Oh, I’ll go open the door,” and I heard rustling and a latch, and she said, “I can’t see you.”

I said, “Oh I must have the wrong house.”

She said, “Luke?”

And I hanged up.

Mum asked, “Why did you still have her phone number?”

I said, “Because we went on a date and it was a happy memory.”

She said, “Clearly it wasn’t a happy memory for everyone.”

I said, “There’s winners and losers in everything.”

She said, “Yeah, but usually the loser isn’t the one who has the happy memory.”

Anyway, Becky knows some guy named Matt, who she doesn’t mind having turn up outside her house, so that’s good. That’s good for them.


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