Houseguest Etiquette

There’s a mutual trust when staying in a stranger’s house. To use the Schroedinger’s cat analogy, each of you is and is not an axe murderer, and the result of this is in doubt until you all survive the night, and even then there’s doubt.

Potentially you are both axe murderers but you’re on good manners, because it would be improper to murder a fellow axe murderer in their sleep. I imagine there is a code of conduct, because aside from manners, axe murdering is really a stalk through the woods at night, or roam the corridors of a spooky house by night, kind of thing. To conduct a chop, chop, limbs away procedure during the night on a sleeping victim would defeat the purpose of the axe. What would be the purpose of polishing an axe to a terrifying moon-lit gleam if the intended seeier of the sight was three sheets to the wind in the land of nod? Personal pride perhaps? One must enjoy one’s craft. However, the point is there is a lot of trust when you have a stranger as a houseguest. Even if staying with super friendly people, who cook you dinner and offer to drive you into town the next morning to catch a bus, there’s going to be warranted apprehension.

In my case, why did the super friendly people repeatedly ask if I slept through the night?

At first it felt polite. The meal they supplied was really nice, and soon after dinner I was fast asleep. When they asked if I slept well, I said yes. Then they kept asking, and I started to doubt I had slept at all. I remembered a lot of groaning at one point, and my bed was unusually warm. I’ve slept alone more than I’ve had warm beds, and while it might have been one of those bed’s that is always warm, there’s doubt.

I gave them four stars.


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