People are Too Serious

People are too serious.

Someone at work told me they were late because some people were riding bicycles, and she didn’t feel she should cross a double lane to pass them.

I said, “You could have driven over them. Car verses bicycle. Car wins.”

She said, “Oh no I couldn’t do that.” As if it was only her conscience holding her back. A quiet road. Three riders. She could of done it. That’s what she thought. She could have, and she could have got away with it.

So serious.

Another staff member told me how she stayed in a hotel where the room only had a kettle and a sink. No inbuilt kitchen as she expected. She complained but they didn’t move her to another room.

I said, “You can boil soup in a kettle. You can boil an egg in a kettle. You can boil pasta in a kettle. There’s a lot you can do with a kettle. Miso soup for instance.”

She said, “Oh no! I’d have to clean it.”

Of course she would. That’s the fault in my logic. Cleaning the kettle. It is such a chore without without a soap brush and towel to wash and dry afterwards. Usually soup boiled in an electric kettle is an excellent idea. Most good kitchens probably have eight kettles. One for risotto, one for soup, one for bœuf bourguignon, and others. Kettles are more efficient than saucepans after all.

So serious. Maybe it’s me.

These were all the same person. My mother hates me


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