A Reason Why I Do Movember

15232146_10154578192560569_8043678542376390879_nLast weekend a mate told me how, three weeks ago, he twisted his knee and felt a sudden, sharp pain. He then hobbled for half a day before the pain reduced to nothing. Now his kneecap feels like it shifts, he can’t turn very well, it feels sore if he runs, and every so often he gets a return of the pain.
He figured it would just fix itself.
I told him if it is a ligament tear, he needs to see a doctor. That injury wont fix itself, and waiting three weeks will only cause the ligament to withdraw, making a full recovery near impossible.
He said he would go see someone.

He revealed this problem ten minutes into a general conversation.

I do Movember because in the world of men, it’s tough to suck it up, eat some concrete, and put up with the pain, while hoping the problem will go away. This applies to mental and physical health.
I believe talking is the most important part of Movember, so don’t send me any cash. Instead, ask a friend how they’re doing. Even if they don’t tell you truthfully, it will be a start, and besides that, you’ll get to talk to a friend – which is a good thing anyway, so do it.


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