Anatomy of a Book: Reaper Man, by Terry Pratchett

The wizards chatted with the forced jolliness of people who see one another all day and are now seeing one another all evening. (p.15)

The Discworld is remarkably similar to our own world.

‘Celery,’ said the Archchancellor, his self-control rigid enough to bend horseshoes around. (p.56)

The descriptions are spot-on to our own emotions.

‘Can you use a scythe?’ (asked Miss Flitworth.) (p.63)

Except one thing is wrong with the Discworld.


Death has been retired, and is now living as almost a human. The tale of this event is very enjoyable to read for excellent reasons.

Changing Status:

Death is no longer immortal, and the dead can no longer simply die.

High Stakes:

Without Death something must take its place, and in the between time something else can grow to threaten everyone.

Page Turner:

Pleasant prose with good humour make for an enjoyable read, but it is also the fate of the characters that is important to the reader.

Believable Characters:

The characters have flaws and are still endearing to each other in the world. It is purely fantasy but believable in the reality of character actions, their short comings, and their interactions. These are the kinds of things people relate with.


Imagine a world without Death. What would happen, and what would we learn about the importance of life?


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