Stupid Man Mistakes Bendigo for Ballarat

Confusing scenes at Bendigo’s Information Centre yesterday as a man refused to accept he had driven two hours to Bendigo rather than Ballarat.

“He kept demanding to see the old place where people wear old clothes and act all olden like,” reported a volunteer who was on duty at the time.

The man, aged mid-forties, or there about, whatever, was lead away by police after becoming increasingly argumentative.

“He said we had old gold stuff so he had to be in the right place,” stated the volunteer.

“I asked if he wanted to see Sovereign Hill, and he said no, then he threw a map of the CBD onto the floor and asked why it was so warm, as he was told to wear two jumpers when in Ballarat.”

Refusing to accept that his satellite navigation system had made such an error as to place him in the wrong town, the man challenged all present to be honest, and that the signs and pamphlets being displayed were a massive April Fools Day prank on him.

“I couldn’t get him to see reason. He said he knew we had trams. He could see one going past the window at that very minute.”

A source close to the police revealed that the man was seeking Kryal Castle, or that Eureka stuff, or something olden anyway, could have just been the Ballarat town centre, who knows, anyway he had not bothered to check predictive text beyond the first letter.

“He just flat out refused to accept that two places northish of Melbourne could start with the letter B,” informed the police officer.

“Heaven knows what he’d make of Benalla.”


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