Anatomy of a Book: Dr No, by Ian Fleming

Strangways’s body was hurled forward as if it had been kicked. (p.9)

A murder.

“The sunshine’ll do you good and you can practice your new guns on the turtles or whatever they have down there.” (p.21)

An exotic location.

The license to kill for the Secret Service, the double-o prefix, was a great honour. (p.17)

The English Secret Service.

It brought Bond the only assignments he enjoyed, the dangerous ones. (p.18)

A James Bond novel.

Changing Status:

“Sounds rather like the soft life, sir.” (p.21) Bond is sent on an easy assignment. He begrudges it, but must follow orders. It does not prove to be easy.

High Stakes:

Ultimately there are problems for the world at play.

Page Turner:

There is mounting pressure of the investigation, as jeopardy being to rise. The events also pass quickly.

Believable Characters:

There is good attention to detail. The reader trusts the world created as it feels well researched and honest.


How do you investigate and survive the island of Dr No?


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