Obvious Solutions to talking to yourself

It is advisable to get to know the proposed friend online before signing a friendship contract.
It is advisable to get to know the proposed friend online before committing to a friendship contract.

Do you find yourself talking to yourself in replace of actual company? Well, the famous solution is to find someone who hears voices and invite them around. Mid-afternoon the two of you can sit down and talk to whoever you think is listening or talking or cares. Ironically this requires actual company, which is the original problem, so here’s a better answer: Buy a friend. Wars around the world have dropped prices in the mail-order friend market. Ukrainia is a boom country of origin for reasonably priced friends, but Yemen and Syria are also good markets. Iraq is a player, as is Afghanistan, although both have more red-tape in their visa applications. If all that sounds difficult buying one side of a conversation is possible, via tape or video, but learning the scripted responses can be difficult – especially at an advanced “banter level” of conversation, and it’s really the unexpected that stimulates the brain. This is why buying a friend is the best solution. If you’re not worried about your friend miles, then the best tip when friend buying is to take care in the contract term. This means arrange for the friend to arrive early, but try and slow the payments before the fee is paid in full. Stringing this out helps make for a longer-term solution to talking to yourself.


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