Obvious Solutions to Recommendation 8

Crying babies are annoying to everyone.
Crying babies are annoying to everyone.

Okay, here’s a tricky one to understand. Bendigo Council has a goal to be a culture, art and history hub in Central Victoria, Australia. They even commissioned a report that supported the idea, basically saying that healthy minds equate to a healthy bank balance. The odd thing is that Recommendation 8, the finding of the report, recommends to cut funding that supports this development. That sounds like taking something good for everyone and stopping it, like vaccinations. In fact it is very much like vaccinations. A badly reasoned report got written in support of stopping vaccinations, and people started to stop vaccinations. In the short term they saved themselves money and a little sting, but in the long term the health of the community suffers. So sure, vaccinating costs money and is a little painful to explain to the kids, but just wait until the council has to explain to the kids why everything that was healthy and stimulating about living in Bendigo is gone. Probably shouldn’t let this happen hey?

But this is worse.
But this is worse than a baby crying.

PS: To see the full report click this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27994891/City_Futures_Report_2015_-_Executive_Summary.pdf


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