Obvious Solutions to a Mosque in Bendigo

Surely any of these churches can help out the lack of a Mosque.
Surely any of these churches can help with the lack of a Mosque.

The proposed construction of a Mosque in Bendigo has been in Australian news lately. The attention is because the Mosque, which is an Islamic place of worship, is… well… look, it’s like this, if you are anti-Mosque in Bendigo the chances are that you are one of three people. Two of them live in Queensland, 1,610 km away, and the theory is that they don’t like the proposed location. The third is, well, believed to be a member of the Bendigo Council who doesn’t like the idea because the religion has some bad people claiming to be attached to it – sort of like the Ku Klux Klan claim to be attached to Christianity, but they’re not correctly following the ethos. The fact is that nobody likes hate mongers with unsubstantiated prejudices. Especially Muslims who use Mosques to preach against terrorism and promote understanding and peace. In fact Mosques are really important to prevent people feeling isolated, victimised, and thus becoming rebellious. Bendigo needs a Mosque quicker than you can say, “Religious inclusive oversight”. So let’s ignore the bigot and consider the two people who live in Queensland. They don’t like the site, huh? Well, Christians have the Bendigo High St Church, the Baptist Church, the Golden City Baptist Church, the Enjoy Church, the Gospel Church, the Abundant Life Church, the Assembles of God, the Presbyterian, the Peoples Front of Judea, and a few others, Sacred Heart etc. Surely they don’t need all those buildings all day long. A time-share arrangement could be organised in the interest of friendship. Right?


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