Obvious Solution to floods in Sydney

We're all stuffed
We’re all stuffed

The world is going. We’ve had the floods – they’ve hit Sydney, Sydney is stuffed. Before the floods there was the pestilence of ebolia. There’s been the wars though-out the middle east. And there’s a famine of good sense – I wouldn’t use the term common sense because I don’t think that’s equal to good sense. If that’s too flippant to explain, there’s a famine of money and money buys food, just asked the Greeks. So what’s next? History tells us God will come and start dividing up the souls between the good and the bad. That’s called the reckoning. The best thing to do now is repent, toss some water onto your friends heads while quoting key phrases from the bible, hope they do onto you in return, and run to your nearest pointy structured hall with a cross on top. If you dislike that go to a room of mirrors, have an orgy with your siblings and await Lucifer’s company ye heather!


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