This Week in Writing: What Up With That?

On the road to publishing I thought I’d share some of the events undertaken.

  • Pic_0316_325Research: On average an author selling ebooks via Amazon earns $300 (gross).
  • Research: In Australia there were 300,000+ self-published titles last year.
  • Research: “If money is what’s going to make self-publishing worthwhile for you: abort, abort now.” – Steven Lewis.
  • Research: “More than half of self-published authors are the ‘kamikaze pilots of literature’ who don’t want to make money.” – @Rule17
  • Opinion: Money is not everything but food does cost money.
  • Pic_0316_326Research: I asked the Bendigo Writers Council, my closest Writers Victoria sanctioned writer’s group, for advice on local publishers, copy editors and self-publishers. They told me to go to Bart n Print and use their “new machine”. That’s all. No other advice. I shouldn’t have expected more. To me, they aim low and exclude others. I hate them.
  • Interview: My three editing friends, who refused payment, have admitted to not having read any of The Wine and Spirit Travel Diary yet. When people ask me to do things I act. Though I do get told my standards are too high.
  • Opinion: You have to pay to get things done.
  • Design: First cover ideas can be seen in the picture boxes. My skill at computer drawing can be seen via this link to the story Monkey See Monkey Do Do: https://bucketofwork.wordpress.coPic_0316_327m/2015/03/22/monkey-see-monkey-do-do/
  • Opinion: I don’t know why I keep trying. Optimism I guess. Feels ironic.
  • Decision: With or with out help I’m sending WSTD to publishers next week. I don’t actually want to all this by myself.

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