This Week in Writing: Hello Russia, Australia calling

If you look closely, the WordPress statistic computer does not include Crimea within Russia. LOL.
If you look closely, the WordPress statistic computer does not include Crimea within Russia. LOL.

On the path to (probable) self-publishing I though I’d share some of the events. Here’s the past week:

  • Five people from Brazil looked at this web site, and one from Russia. The Brazilians appear to have viewed the Anatomy of a Book: Fifty Shades of Grey article. The Russian was probably just spying. (Hello Russia. Hi.).

  • I got out a pencil and paper and made some cover design sketches. They’re not with me right now, otherwise I’d show you. They are bollocks in artistic skill. I need to work out how to get the images from my mind onto a cover, or rather have someone else do it.

  • I was tempted to miss a friend’s wedding to attend a one day comedy writing workshop. A while ago I paid a company to have an anonymous reviewer critique my work. The reply said there is structure to comedy and to help my writing I should attend a comedy workshop. At the time the only workshops I could find were by Tim Ferguson, who I don’t find funny, and Chris Taylor, who I don’t find funny. I suspect one of them was the anonymous reviewer.

  • Deciding to attend the wedding I called a comedian friend to talk about writing comedy. He didn’t think it possible to have specific structure points that could be identified and capitalise upon using a method that would form a comedic moment. The idea reminded him of this:

    • EB White: Analysing humour is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.

  • We agreed that writing humour is just like any writing, but instead of the woolly mammoth stampeding the family it dies from a heart attack.

  • In other words, every writing requires good detail and characters. Only the tone in delivery is changed by the perspective of each outcome in the story.

  • Whether or not something is funny is personal opinion based on what someone considers dangerous. And like all writing it is improved by practice and feedback.

  • It is true that if you can’t explain something simply you don’t understand it, and I realise I’ve just made four dot points saying the same thing. Hopefully we’re all closer to understanding it. But a workshop wont help.

  • It was a good meeting. It cost me a pint. He didn’t want any other payment.

  • From my $!,000 not-going-to-New-Zealand-bonus-money fund I now have $990 remaining.

  • I had fun writing a Me and My Fake Girlfriend story, and remembered the benefit of cutting out adjectives.

  • I wrote an article about tattoos and publicised it with a picture of fake boobs. The sex angle didn’t sell like I thought it would. That might have just been an off-afternoon for the Sex Sells marketing stats. I also felt bad for doing it. Partly because there was a lot of children playing in a park near me as I was looking on the internet for a picture of fake boobs.

  • That wasn’t my proudest moment. We all stagger in steps at times I suppose/excuse.

  • I’ll post the sketches of my book covers next week and I hope to have editor feedback by then too.

** Notice: My comedian friend is Danny McGinlay. He’s good and is a special guest host at the Comic’s Lounge 3 for 1 event during the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Click for more information. I dare you. **


3 thoughts on “This Week in Writing: Hello Russia, Australia calling

  1. Wait. You paid for an anonymous critique and it was “attend a comedy workshop?”

    Here in the U S of A, we call that getting hosed, sir.

    What are some good Australian comedies? That guy who had an HBO series who dresses up as different characters is the only one I can think of, but his name escapes me.

    Otherwise, I assume most Aussie comedies revolve around, “Oi, Bruce? Did a dingo eat the baby?” “I dunno, mate, I suppose it’s time for a check, oi, baby, you been eaten by a dingo?”

    I don’t know. That was my attempt at Australian comedy.

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