This Week in Writing: Appraisal, Appraisal

Neither of these guys are wearing their right spacesuits.
Neither of these guys are wearing their right spacesuits.

On the path to (probable) self-publishing I thought I’d share some notes on the journey. Come on the journey. Feel the journey.

  • This past week The Wine and Spirit Travel Diary has been in the hands of three industry relevant readers/editors. No word back so far.
  • I also wrote some short pieces. One is already online with a positive review. It’s fantastic getting feedback.
  • I remember the days of receiving naught but internet slander. The hate felt better than the years of no reaction. I understand why “shock jocks” act like jerks. Feeling something is better than feeling nothing.
  • Book two, This is Not My Spacesuit, is floating in the mind at a high level. The pull to begin editing that novel is strong… like Skywalker to the force.
  • I have cancelled a trip to Wellington, New Zealand. It was going to cost $1,000+ for a flippant fun time weekend holiday to compete in a parkrun and see a Victory away soccer game. That flippant money is now added to the publishing budget.
  • I still don’t have a graphic designer. I’ve have test sheets next week. All recommendations for some artist still welcome.

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