This Week in Writing: What Do You Call it Darl?

Not the Captain's Log
Not the Captain’s Log

On the road to (possible) self-publishing I thought I’d give some updates. Here’s last week’s activities:

  • I finished The Wine and Spirit Travel Diary draft 4 last weekend and had a beer.
  • Thinking of small errors I fiddled around with draft 4 this week.
  • Yesterday I printed draft 4.
  • As the pages were coming out and I thought of all the ways it could be much better.
  • I handed draft 4 to a friend to edit yesterday, and wont look at it until he returns the pages.
  • Having an editor who appreciates your voice, knows the subject matter and can spell is important. Every writer must find someone like that. Otherwise you’re an unreadable island.
  • A good editor will correct, question and encourage. I have my fingers crossed on point three.
  • After reading (on request) Fifty Shades of Grey I’ve remembered how to write successfully (aka for revenue): write a Mills & Boon, write for your audience, release with sequels.
  • I haven’t written a Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • Another person told me how great my work ethic is and how good my production is. He said he’ll call to discuss future writing projects. He didn’t have my phone number. I gave him my business card. Minutes later he forgot I had.
  • Got asked about my “blog”. I write stories, articles and reviews. I hate that being called a blog.
  • Blog: a binary log. The word originated as a Star Trek reference. Captain Kirk would record a Captain’s Log, a diary of his thoughts and events. Writers of blogs are writing their diary online – essentially in binary code.
  • I’m not vain enough to think people would read my personal diary.
  • I’ve noticed that This Week in Writing is a like a diary. It is a blog entry. I hate that. Let’s call this a post. A bpost.

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