This Week in Writing: Dust my hands of you

They brought... bought a Jeep. or they've been writing a book. I'm not sure.
They brought… bought a Jeep. or they’ve been writing a book. I’m not sure.

On the road to (possible) self-publishing I thought I’d give some updates. Here’s last week’s activities:

  • The Wine and Spirit Travel Diary draft 4 is complete. Now to stop messing with it and have other people read it… then I’ll mess with it again probably.
  • I’ve been reminded that a lot of writers are self-absorbed. They force their opinions on the world and release their own frustrations onto paper to shove at other people, and being expected to be paid for it. I’m worried the character development stuff I’ve written is just that, my own problems being forced out at people, and so the book is worthless to others.
  • I have added more education elements.
  • I’ve mowed the lawn.
  • I haven’t mowed my face for a while. The beard is back.
  • I’m going to give the book to an editor to correct. Even if many changes are recommend I’m going to publish it. Maybe just online. It could be a bad idea, but I’m ploughing on.
  • My father read draft 2 last year. Yesterday I looked at his corrections. I mixed up “brought” and “bought”, a lot. I feel like an idiot.
  • He also suggested I use the word “dill” instead of “fuck-wit” in one sentence. He has a point. I don’t like swearing in books. I don’t know why. It really needs to be justified.
  • I’m not sure how long the step to publishing will take. I want it to be done before July.

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