This Week in Writing: the WSTD begins again

Because a picture helps a blog post here's my daily icon.
Because a picture helps a blog post here’s my daily icon.

On the road to self-publishing I thought I’d give some updates. Here’s some activities so far:

  • This time last year I had a plan. Then I got apathy. Then I got a job. Then the job said it wanted me. Then it lied. Then The Curio came along. Now I’m reinvigorated.
  • This time this year I’ve got a plan, and some money. It starts with publishing the Wine and Spirit Travel Diary as an ebook.
  • I’ve found an editing and publishing house that’ll work for a third of my budget. That’s good.
  • I’ve remembered that an editor that understands your “voice” is more important than the cheapest editor, and is hard to find.
  • Before I give it to someone else I want to go over the WSTD again to save time later. I’m not sure this is a good idea.
  • Editing oneself is confidence destroying. It forces you to doubt every word and you know that as much as you try you will never be savage enough or ask the right questions for the book to be its possible best. That’s the need for an editor.
  • I’m on draft number four. But what is a draft really?
  • The WSTD is based on fact. Talking to a stranger I’m told people will get angry at their portrayals. I say I’ll remind them it is a fiction based on fact, like Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves. He doubts that is a good idea. I say that if I claim it is total fiction then the facts loose their authenticity, and people will choose what they want to believe anyway.
  • Research. It is vital and is making the education element bigger and maybe better than the character elements. I think this is a good thing for the marketing but I makes me look like less of a story writer.
  • I worry I don’t have a profile that will make the whole thing worth while financially. That I need to go back to public speaking to create a profile. That I need to market myself somehow. It gives dread and makes the writing dream seem distant. I know I need to do more.
  • The job says it wants me again. It’s going to give me an ultimatum soon.

The Wine and Spirit Travel Diary is pretty much as the title suggests but with some jokes in it. It will be released, hopefully, in the first half of 2015.


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