Anatomy of a Book: So much to tell you… by John Marsden

I have been sent here to learn to talk again… Sent here because of my face… (p.1)so-much-to-tell-you

Written as a diary, this is the story of a school girl.

On my left is a girl called Cathy Preshill. On the right is a girl called Sophie Smith. (p.1)

She boards at Warrington, an expensive high school, does not talk, has scars on her face, and has family issues.

It was pretty bad. My mother just froze. It was about a week before she would even speak to me again. (p.13)

Through the diary the reader learns about the character writing, her school, her battle against herself and finds out more about her than she might notice.

What I can’t figure out is, how can Lisa say I trust them… I don’t give any clues. (p.45)

The keys to the intrigue follow the usual notice points.

Changing Status:

From the writing the read know that the character is intelligent and was once very popular. No she needs to come to terms with a recent accident, her loss of speech and regain her confidence.

High Stakes:

She could be trapped.

…if I don’t go back there, what is to become of me? (p.70)

Believable Characters:

Mostly set in a dormitory, the character writing mentions dull things, like bed sheet patterns and squabbles between other boarders. These notes and the use of imperfect language make the whole thing believable.

Time Pressure:

It is not a thick book, and as a diary it can be read as days or months. No pressure, only swift in content.


Learning about other people’s world. Both mental and lifestyle.


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