Egg Story

Steve ate an egg. He swallowed it whole. It was boiled and peeled. It sat in his throat like a pre-hatched chick about to peck out of its shell. It held firm. Steve stroked his neck. He made to cough and stamped his foot. His cheeks ached as he ground his teeth and wiggled his tongue. He jerked his body in jumps. He shook. He jigged. He made hollow noises like an ostrich. His chest deflated. He didn’t have enough pressure to breath the egg out, and not enough room to squeeze it down. He took a flask and poured water into his mouth. The liquid pooled like a reservoir against a dam. It spilled from the corners of his mouth and Steve tried to catch it, futile in an effort to not dribble unsightly. The egg held. Steve felt trickles of water tickle his lungs. He gagged without volume. He hunched. The water tipped from his mouth in a spray. The egg held firm. Steve again poured in water. Pain spread from his chest to his head. He pinched is mouth to tightening the lock. He pushed on his jaw and cheeks. He made a swallow. Again the water did not press past the dam. It spurted from his noise and though involuntary pursed lips. He gagged and released the water. It feel and collided with the ground in a single drop of splatter. His throat tightened. Flexing against his judgement. The egg was like a sponge, returning shape with each tug against it. Water could trickle past it but air could not flow. The last water leak into his lungs was an increase. The sensitive area felt each tick. Steve decided to try again. With the practice now a rope, Steve filled his mouth to the last drop from his flask. He held his nose, mouth and cheeks. He’s eyes reddened. He jumped and swallowed. He landed and spluttered. The water had partly pushed down. Steve hunched. Water ran from his lips. Face to the ground Steve could feel the egg on the back of his tongue, resting on a tip near his hind teeth. For two seconds it was there. For one second Steve felt relief. At the next he’s body breathed, and the egg was drawn back. Lodged again. Steve punched at his throat and then massaged his neck, his hand working in a way similar to a man feeding meat into a sausage. This lasted two minutes. It did not save his life.


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