Anatomy of a Book: Looking for Headless, by KD

John Barlow did not do anything to deserve this. He did nothing. And yet. (p.2)

Prepared to be slightly annoyed. This is not a book. It is an art experiment.

It was a work of documentary fiction. They’re artists.” (p.5)

Commissioned by Goldin + Senneby, this novel-kind-of-work is by fictional writer KD, and partly by real life writer John Barlow.

For the duration of my stay, I’ll be posting a blog every day. (p.44)

Barlow’s blog, paid for by Goldin + Senneby, is melded into the piece with surveillance material from private detectives, lectures, and meetings, as well as new writing by the KD. Or so we’re led to believe.

“Does Headless exist?” (p.73)

The story, if it is important or can be called that, is about the searching for an offshore company. The Headless company. Purposefully it keeps raising questions.


Changing Status:

John Barlow, the most present character, does start his journey optimistic about his paid trip. This soon changes. Although the theme of knowing what is real and who is in charge carries thought it, and ultimately the reader has to decide if they’ve learnt anything.

High Stakes:

Like most investigation novels there is a dead body. A headless body. Could this happen to John Barlow as he unwillingly investigates?

Believable Characters:

It is real. For much of it. In fact deciding what is real is one part of the point of the piece.

Time Pressure:

Barlow has a short stay. He does his work there in a week, and the writing largely follows this time.


Through meeting and explanations people discuss Headless, offshore holdings, and the Looking for Headless project itself. It is interesting.


Read the book via .pdf download here:


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