How Bendigo Can Overcome Postal Isolation

An announcement by Australia Post to cease next day delivery on standard post from Bendigo to Melbourne has upset many. One of the vital ties of a rural city to the big smoke is its ability to communicate, and added delays in shifting invoices, statements and marketing paraphernalia, along with other posted items, is seen as a potential cut to growth both socially and in business. Thankfully technology bring us a solution.

Morse code was invented in 1836 by Samuel Morse, the son of pastor and geographer Jedidiah Morse. Using a series of pulsed beeps along an electrified wire messages can be transmitted in a simple code, which can be deciphered on arrival into text. This allows for the swift movement of messages along vast distances and is an ideal solution to Bendigo forthcoming postal isolation. The only drawback would seem to be the cost of infrastructure, as staff would need to be trained and wires established between telegraph centres in Melbourne and Bendigo.

Luckily for us, July last year India’s Morse code system was decommissioned. While there is no obvious reasons for its end, and one assumes there wasn’t a population size or use to warrant the service, as it seems preposterous that there could be an even speeder and more cost effective way to transmit messages. What can be safely assumed is that the Indian owners are looking for a buyer of the network. Therefore, as Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station was designed for India, Bendigo could gain a Morse code system designed for India. Considering the strength of the Australian dollar it is highly likely that Indian officials would be very eager to sell, and therefore great advances could be made at a reasonable price.

Now, obviously the introduction of a telegraph network would take time, firstly due to the disassemble and freight from India and then the reassemble and probable red tape by Melbourne fat cats. As a result the good folk of Bendigo may, in the short term, have to accept an extra 24 hours delay in the delivery of sales catalogues and post insurance contracts a day earlier than normal. This would only be until the wire service is in action.


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