WTSD is invest in soccer players

What They Should Do… is invest in soccer players. Michael McGlinchey, Kwame Yeboah, Mitch Nichols and Mark Milligan are four A-League players who have attracted interest from overseas. Their skills and the sale of their contracts can bring a wealth of money to clubs and cities around Australia. This kind of revenue stream is more widely distributed than other sellable items Australia possess, like, say, iron ore. Consider that Luis Suarez recently signed a contract earning $400,000 (AUS) per week. He’s 81kgs. That makes Luis Suarez worth $4,938,271.61 (AUS) per tonne, and that’s weekly. Suarez doesn’t have to be dug up, transported on super dumpers, shipped, and transformed into piping. He only needs to put on a kit, and that would be sponsored so there’s more money. Therefore, rather than selling off our finite resources Australia should focus on renewable athletes. Much as Brazil does… so I suspect.


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