WTSD is release an album

WTSD is release an album. The supporters of Western Sydney Wanderers have an under utilised lyrical range. Who would not pay hard earned for a recording of “Hey hey, warh, hoo, hey hey warh, hoo”, “Narr narr, de, narr narr narr, way hey way, gud bye” and the classic “Ya la, ya la, ya la, oh, oh ya, la ya la, ha.” They’d do well to add the popular remix “Warh warh, hey, hoo, warh warh” and as a mystery end track “Wheeeeeeezzzzzeeeee (aka leading in extra time)”. Not to mention fan favourite “Oh, oaaah, ha, ooh, oaah, og, arrgh.”. A guest appearance by Dionne Warwick with “Hoo ah yar, hoo ah yar” and Frank Bennett on “Something! (clap) Something! (clap)” wouldn’t go astray. If they have the budget why not get Christine Anu to sing “My Island Home” – though being repetitive may not be in the repertoire (joke intended. No personal offence.) The tour will be great to see. Honestly.


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