WTSD is not end Soccer matches in draws.

What They Should Do… is not end Soccer matches in draws. After Victory v Adelaide the drawn result is again an improper way to end soccer games. Over the years many options to correct this stalemate have been suggested. Shoot outs, extra time, coin toss, most shots, most fouls in favour, most horrendous penalty decisions and wrong offsides that cost Victory the game they deserved lift your game linesman! These are good but untried options. Ignored by the A-League and, to be fair, every other league in the world – of which there are many. Rather than dwell on the rejections let’s propose more options. One, coin toss. Why not? Two, long range shoot out. From half way because that seems hard. Three, slam dunk contest. If we’re shooting from half way slam dunks sounds the logical next step. Four, the Worm. Just ask for a viewer result… only if that viewer is Dennis Rodman.


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