Me and My Fake Girlfriend and the 39 Steps Photo Competition

The 39 Steps stage production is coming to Bendigo. Hooray! It’s based on the classic movie, and possibly a book too, and while it is three steps short of the meaning of life (which is 42), and wont explain how many roads a man must walk down before he can be called a man (such is my understanding of 42), I’m still sure there’ll be plenty of tips on how to better live and other interesting guff.

Speaking of living better, money is very important to that. Not that it is wise to focus on money. That kind of attitude causes blindness when considering lilies and having days of salad… basically a failure in enjoying life. What is important to remember is that money helps, which is why people like to get some. Hence, in conjunction with the 39 Steps, the Capital Theatre in Bendigo has created a competition.

Original 39 Steps Competition image
Original 39 Steps Competition image

The idea of the comp is to mock one’s own photograph depicting a scene from the 39 Steps (assumed). It involves three people displaying various levels of concern as they crouch, or hunch, over a prostrate body. The image can be seen to the left of this text (my left your right).

Now, here’s the conundrum. The prize of a $300 voucher or two free tickets to the show would be very useful to me. I like going to the theatre. It’s like going to the movies but with real, real, real good special effect human beings. However, haranguing four people into a picture is a little beyond my social level. Ergo, Annabel offered to help.

Annabel, my fake girlfriend, has completed an arts degree, and therefore is quite good at Photoshop (which she has on her home computer).

Annabel's entry for 39 Steps photo competition
Annabel poses for 39 Steps photo competition
From this, the plan was simple. I would take four photos of her in various standings, and she would mould them into one. Truth be told I thought she was good at the posing, but the problem with the plan is that she’s fake. Resultingly all I got was a picture of two hats and a scarf lying in various level of tilted concern above a jacket and hat lying prostrate on the floor. (See image to my right.)

Undaunted a new plan, not requiring a fictitious person, was hatched.

Image for 39 Steps competition
My entry for 39 Steps competition
I looked on Google and found four images of people in near poses to those in the original picture. Then, because I don’t own Photoshop nor know how to use it, I copied and mashed them together with free online software, and Voila! As legal for the purpose of ‘parody or humour’ (according to internationally recognised copyright law) here is my entry into the 39 Steps photo competition. (Now see to your right.)

Gosh I hope nobody else has entered, or tried harder, because with the prize I could bribe people into seeing some great stage work with me.


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