What They Should Do… is make lawn bowls more accessible

wtsd 170313
Published Version: 17/3/2013

WTSD… is make lawn bowls more accessible. Currently it has heaps of problems. It is played on lawn and Australia is arid, dry, parched, baked, thesaurus – not well suited to growing lawn. Move the sport indoors and under lights. Kids today seem to like games played underlights – like the night part of day/night cricket, and underlights tiggy (big in the States apparently).

They should also remove the distance based scoring system and only count scores for hitting the target. Better yet score by knocking something over. Swap the jack for, perhaps, a stick. Ten sticks is a nice number.

Much of this sounds like pandering to the kiddies. And it is. But as compensation to oldies remove the need to change ends. This would allow for the bowl, or ball, to be carried back to the competitor on a conveyor belt. Helping old bones by limiting actual movement and effort. Like Twenty20 cricket helps Shane Warne.