What They Should Do… is stop worrying about obesity

WTSD obesity clip
Published version in The Sunday Age Sport, 17/02/2013

What They Should Do… is stop worrying about obesity. Like the plague, Black Death, or rat flu, the obesity epidemic is spreading. In Australia we have more over-weight people than anywhere in the world, and that makes us world number one. Think of the possibilities. We would dominate the Water Displacement Olympics, the 100 Meter Wheeze, and Bobbing for Lard, much like we dominate the Commonwealth Games.

Authorities should quit fighting a losing battle and embrace Angry Birds as a means of exercise. Fingers are a great tool. We should use them more. Pen golf, twenty cent table game, texting, these are all activities Australians can lead. Let’s end the reign of trim and taut sporting heros and focus on some more obtainable body images.

The inactive, those who climb stairs with rests every fourth rise, are the people most kids today will grow to become. All I’m saying is don’t discriminate.