What They Should Do… turn the radio up

Printed version in The Sunday Age Sport, 25/11/12

WTSD… is turn the radio up. No-one watches the telly to listen to Tubby and Heals and jog, but we’ve all crowded around the wireless some summer to hear the ABC call in a ton or quality spell of bowling that.What we need is a way to combine the two. Unfortunately the law of three second delay exists, and that’s as firmly held by Channel Nine as electrons are held by the Higgs Field (thereby giving matter mass).

However, as light travels faster than sound standing far enough back from a television with a transistor to the ear should equalise the two media streams. Now light travels at approximately 299,792kms per second, and three times that is 899,376kms, which is a bit too far to see the screen… unless using very good binoculars, which would defeat the point. The research continues.