What They Should Do… to help children’s education

Published version in The Age Sunday Sport 23/03/12 (sorry, only just found out)

Kids today, I say! kids to-day, they have no attention span. Their attention span is kaput! They have these phone-pads one minute and walkmans the next and face-talking on computer. Kids, I say! kids need to have a bit of calm.

Test Match cricket, I say! Test Match cricket is the answer. The thing goes for five days, if they do it right, and you got to pay attention. None of this, “Who’s winning? Oh, nevermind it’s over, what else is on?” You got to, I say! you got to take the ups with the downs, the trials with the tribulations, the turning pitch with the moist one, and even then you might not get anywhere. It’s just like life! Kids today, they need to learn that life takes time.