What They Should Do… is bring back rollerblades!

Published in The Sunday Age Sport, 4/11/12

WTSD… is bring back rollerblades! What ever happened to them? They were the Segway of the 80s. Ice-skates without the ice. Roller-skates without the balance. A set of wheels without the peddling or kick-pushing. Rollerblades were a must have item, like fluro wrist bands, an undercut and hypercolour everything. No adolescent in 1987 could pass alongside a lake without ensuring their feet were locked within this easy to topple foot wear.

And that’s the trick. Outdoor entertainment. Let’s stop childhood obesity by harking back to days when kids were outside, dragging about rubbish bins and laundry baskets to earn pocket money. Pocket money that would be spent on elbow pads and knee guards and stackhats because their parents would force them. Then the kid could buy the fall-over-and-look-stupid fad of their generation.

At least it’s out of the house, and there’s no App for that.