What They Should Do… is rekindle the Night Series concept of the mid-1980s

AFL Night Series 141012
Printed in The Sunday Age 14 Oct 2012

WTSD… is rekindle the Night Series concept of the mid-1980s. Remember when North Adelaide played Hawthorn? The Night Series was a preseason competition that, prior to the AFL, mixed clubs from the leading Aussie Rules states. It was something like the Champion’s League is in soccer.

In recent years VFL, SANFL and WANFL players have made successful step-ups into AFL; think of James Magner, Steven Morris and Troy Wilson. This suggests that, in the case of some clubs, the gap between the AFL and the second-tier is not as great as many might think.

If the Night Series was reintroduced clubs would take winning and losing in preseason more seriously, and we have the potential to find the next Michael Barlow or James Podsiadly in a serious competition.

What’s more, it would also be fun to watch sprinklers pop-up out of the ground during a game again.