What They Should Do… Handicap System in the AFL

020912 WTSD footy handicap
Printed in The Sunday Age Sports 2/9/12

WTSD… is implement a handicap system in the AFL. How much more fun would that be! You establish a scratch marker, like reining premiers Geelong, and then concoct a points system to balance-out the teams. So if Melbourne play Richmond, for example, a five goal loss to Melbourne could be considered a win because they beat the probable ten goal handicap. Imagine that!

This plan would create a whole different league ladder, hours for fun for the statically minded, and could be overseen by any number of respected footballing identities, such as Dennis Cometti, Rex Hunt and Christi Malthouse; as well as excitable swimming icon Laurie Lawrence and horse-racing legend Kenny Calendar.

Of course all calculations would be subject to some Duckworth-Lewis brain teaser, but a well-managed handicap should place every AFL team in contention for the finals. This would ultimately make the last rounds of football more engaging, imaginative and relevant.  This has got to be good for football!