What They Should do… Dressage

dressage 010712
Printed in The Sunday Age Sport 1/7/12

WTSD… is put the dress back into dressage. Horses prancing, trotting, skipping, or cantering around a ménage are naked. There is no way around it. Some might have parts tucked away, and be topped by a gallantly clad rider, but on the whole they wear less than Alexander Popov did competing ceria 1992.

Thus, if the jockey can wear formal dress then why not the horsey! Let us have some razzle and dazzle to compare alongside the gait and pirouette.

How about something frilly along the bridle on a mare? Or what about emerald encrusted stirps for on a colt, similar to fancy cuff-links? What if the saddle was extended, with colour added, and perhaps a theme, storyline and music used in the display? It could all be like judging synchronised swimming.

These are only suggestions of course, fashion trends to dictate wear, but whatever it is it can’t be a strapless number.