What they Should Do… Andrew Walker to the Olympics

WTSD… is send Andrew Walker to the Olympics for High Jump. Granted, there is probably some dude who’s worked his butt-off to earn a specific High Jump qualification, and earned a pittance in the process, but at least give Walker a shot! Speaking of shot; what about Aaron Sandilands in the Shot-put!? His reach would give a bonus metre alone. And wasn’t there a Ross Oakley plan to train footballers in Handball? (AKA European Handball, to use its non-European name). A fast pace, team sport that makes more sense than International Rules. Could you imagine if Saverio Rocca, in his free time, continued being coached on chucking the discus? While the Big Sav was being groomed as an elite AFL player, the sport of Aussie Rules could have had an Australian Olympic qualifier. That’s attention money can’t buy!


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