What They Should Do… Javelin

WTSD… with Javelin is change its dimensions. Currently Javelin is a marvellous sport. It is an honest content where a large tooth-pick is piffed across a distance for accolades. It requires strength, co-ordination and accuracy. Unfortunately it also requires a large playing area and stewards with aerial awareness. To help Javelin flourish we need to remove these restrictions.
First, replace the award for distance with a point system based on accuracy. This will remove the need for such a large competition area.
Second, make the point scoring area small enough to fit onto a wall, perhaps framed by chalk-boards, and close enough to the competitors to remove the need for a gaggle of officials.
These alterations may require some chances to the javelin itself, such as reducing its size and perhaps adding fins to aid its flight (pun), but this plan should work and be popular.


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