My Most Meroable Swim Spot

The sun is above me. Its light refracting through waves. Shifting like echoes.

The walls are blue, sheened and unhelpful. The cornicing is distant, a frame.

I hope someone has missed me.

Heavy water gurgles. It blocks, pressing down.

Little fingers clasp. Striving for the edge. No use. Too far.

Trees stand above, watching. White gums that bend and twist, melting in the heat. It is hot outside. I can feel it.

Still the weight gets closer.

Little arms stretch, little legs kick, chest hurts.

Quickly the light fades. The gurgle now reassuring. Mouth tasting bitter.

One final futile attempt. Just for me.

And fingers touch stone, latch to the garrison. They prick and they pull

Head breaks to the scene. Noise fades to silence. Deep breaths of hot air.

Hear children playing, laughter. Adults lazing, chatting. We should enjoy the weekend.

The air is warm, heated. Deep breaths. No help.


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