The Great Lie

Jenny (right) and Matt
Jenny (right) and Matt

‘We’re joined today on the Shop Channel by Matt Huntsman from Trust Co. What have you got for us today Matt?’

‘Well Jenny, I hope you’ve been enjoying the Great Lie we sold you last-time.’

‘Sure have Matt, I couldn’t live my life without it. We all love Trust Co’s Great Lie here.’

‘That’s super, but I’m here to offer you an even better Great Lie, the Great Lie Two. It’s a more steadfast Lie, with streamlined believability and the same unquestioning adherence you had with the first Great Lie. Now it’s more confident, sturdy, and it employs our Headstrong failsafe technology, something you know will make you happier. With Great Lie Two, you get all the comforts of the first Great Lie, but with the advantage of knowing full-well that your Great Lie is the best Lie on the market.’

‘Well, I’m convinced Matt. How do I get one?’

‘That’s the easy part Jenny. All you need to do is come into one of our Trust Co service centers and ask for the new package. Or you can book a home visit if you like. I can even give you yours right now!’

‘Oh can I!’

‘Sure. All you need to do is look over there.’

‘Over there?’

‘And it’s done.’

‘But I feel so lonely.’

‘That’s just the modification.’

‘And afraid.’

‘Perfectly normal, as the improvements first wipe the slate and then quickly seep in.’

‘We’re such a big world Matt. How can we all get along?’

‘Not to worry because… and I can see you’re feeling it.’

‘Oh I’m so much better, and more confident, I don’t know what the worry was about.’

The Great Lie book
The Great Lie book

‘What worry?’

‘I don’t know!’

‘See! Now you can get on with your life.’

‘I sure can. That Great Lie Two is fantastic. I’ll never doubt myself again. Remind us of the number.’

‘It’s 5555-5555, and if you call within the next sixty seconds, we’ll throw in this book about the Great Lie for free. Call now!’


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