What They Should Do… Ratings

(Printed version missing.)

WTSD…Is fire whoever is rating everything

Recently it has been said that “Not many rate Peter Siddle’s batting”, “Michael Clarke is a better captain than most rate” and “Michael Hussey’s fielding is an underrated part of his game.” Who is doing all this rating? They should be fired!

The Rator (if we should call him/her that) is doing an abysmal job. Constantly underrating and de-rating the great attributes of our sporting heroes. Even sports themselves have been poorly dealt with. (Who rated darts highly until recently?)

And then there is the overrating, I’m not even going to get started on that one… Nick Maxwell.

As far as job performance goes, the Rator deserves a nothing-out-of-ten and should get on his/her bike. I don’t rate their work at all.


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