What They Should Do… to Fix Cricket Corruption

Corruption has copped such a bad name in recent months. What cricket really needs is to be more transparent. They should admit corruption is in the game and allow players to name their price. It could add an extra dimension. A bit like a trade week.

Fans could get updates on player bribe fees for actions like no balls, low scores and dropped catches. It could be featured like rolling stock market figures on a web site. You could imagine that a team bowled out for 87 might be under the thumb a fat fingered fan of the opposition. If we let this happen England might never ever win a test in Australia again. That’s a good thing!

And gamblers! Punters could raise or lower odds by buying a few influential players. Wisden rankings would take on a whole new and much more relevant significance. Take shares in syndicates and buy the outcomes while winning cash money!

If we could take part in corruption who wouldn’t get involved?

Amazing what a bit of honesty can do.


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