What They Should Do… to Bring Back the Boomerang

I’m going to go out on a limb (no pun intended) and say that boomerang use is disappearing into the distance (no pun intended). We have to think of ideas to get this icon to come back into fashion (no pun intended).

We can’t just throw any idea out there (no pun intended). What we need are concepts that are going to stick (no pun intended). Here are a couple that hopefully won’t get it in the neck (no pun intended).

How about a return (no pun intending) to traditions? Hunting can be legalised for catching (no pun intended) animals with the boomerang.

Or athletes could use a boomerang to get around (no pun intended) the track with instead of a relay baton. If we do it right Aussie athletics will lead the world, putting us back where we started (no pun intended).

These ideas might help create an end over end to the matter (pun intended).


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