What they should do… to fix the Brownlow

The chorus has spoken and to fix the Brownlow we must remove the fairest angle from the AFL’s Best & Fairest award. It is time to stop catering to the role model types who stick within the rules. We should accolade only the best.

The fact is no player aims to win the Fairest of the Field. If they did they’d kit up with bowed curls and pleated dress hoping that their beaux will present them with a nice corsage. Fairest is nothing. Coaches and fans want their players to be the best.

What we should do, really, is allocate Brownlow votes in replacement of suspensions. Greg Williams should have picked up extra votes for swearing. Phil Carmen flattening Gary Sidebottom and nutting the umpire should have got 20 votes, not weeks. Justin Charles took drugs to be the best, he should have got 16 Brownlow votes for that misdemeanour.

What about Tony Lockett flattening Peter Caven! Who would to say the game would be worse off with less Tony Locketts! Dump the fairest component. It makes sense.


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