What they should do… about lacrosse

There is a lot wrong with this sport. First of all it is not as good as hurling. Do you know hurling? Do you know lacrosse?

Published in The Age Sunday Sport, 15.5.11

Hurling is played mostly in Ireland using sticks with a flat batted end and requires players to swing the bat so to hit a ball and occasionally to hit each other. Lacrosse is a little like that but with a “sock” on the end of the stick so the players can catch the ball easily (like the netting part of a baseball glove). They also wear more protective clothing than any self respecting Irishman would be caught dead in.

Lacrosse also sounds French. Lacrosse. It sounds French.

What’s more it is popular in expensive American schools. That too is a problem.

To fix this sport what they should do is make the game harder by removing the catching mitt netting from the stick, move the game out of American elite schools and change the name. I suggest calling it hurling.

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