What they should do… to fix netball

Netball is great. It is fast moving, highly skilled and pits Australia against New Zealand and England at the elite level. It seems to be a sport with the lot, but there is something lacking… men.

You heard right. If netball injuries and dramas are to make any lasting impression on media headlines then they have to be performed by men. Big men, preferably with tatts, that occasionally under-perform.

The current image of a netballer is of a woman with poise, balance and composure. This is admirable but clearly unmarketable. To get people watching, reading and tweeting about netball we need some “netty” celebrities. A few male sporting celebrities (not role-models as nobody cares to read about role-models) in netball would be good.

Why not start with a sportsperson exchange program? Men from other sports could replace the women and the guys would then be encouraged to get drunk, fight, be rude, and make offensive gestures toward women. All done safe in the knowledge that they are doing well by the sport.

This is the way to bring netball back from the wilderness!

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