What they should do… to fix shot put

Big men and women heaving a heavy object is good. The issue with shot put is that the object is too bland. Today’s society can not relate to the urgent shifting of a metal ball. The years of knocking over warships with cannonballs went out with Francis Drake. Times have changed and so must shot put!

It could be argued that replacing the shot for its modern counter part, a pointy missile, is a fair swap. However I think there is a far more common and a much less violent icon to use.

How about the “putters” shot a computer screen? The intense chucking, and the resulting smashing, of computer parts will attract intrigued audiences and jealous new participants. Every spectator would be eager to release some pent-up techo-frustration against the computer and want to get involved! 

This is a relaxing and athletic idea. This is a win win!

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