What they should do… to fix the Western Bulldogs

That Tom Liberatore looks the goods, and they say Mitch Wallis could be even better. What the Doggies need are some more decent father-son pick-ups! The means to this end is well known – a bottle of bubbly and a box of chocolates.


One set of “wine and dine” supplied to each player couldn’t be more than $5 per member. It could be a tick-a-box donation letter sent out in the post (I know a few frustrated fans who’d tick the box a few times).


But on second thoughts player performance has been a problem of late. Maybe IVF is the go. Make the donation box $7 per member.


And for the single man at The Kennel? Blind dates arranged with unattached state netballers, water-poloers and the footloose and fancy free portion of the Matildas. Some good genomes in that stock no doubt!


There, problem solved. Now all the Dogs need to do is sit back and enjoy the spoils of victory in, say, twenty years.


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