What they should do… to fix sailing

Submitted to The Age Sunday Sport “What they should do…” section.

   The winged keel was great in 1988 but times have moved on and what the sport of sailing really needs now are outboard motors. Sure sailing purists might resist, however we’re living in the years beyond 2000 and it is time to go modern.

   Switch on the picture box during the weekend and vehicle sports are dominated by V8s or Formula 1. Not so much sailing.

   Road sports follow a transition from the leisurely pace of gravity fuelled billycarts to kids in go-karts that lead onto bigger engines where crowds flock to watch. It is time sailing folk get with this evolutionary program.

   The once a year coverage of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race is not going to save the sport. The sooner sailing boats ditch the spinnaker and strap on a motor the better the future for the nautical loving kids of tomorrow.

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