What they should do… to fix rowing

Submitted to The Age Sunday Sport “What they should do…” section.

   The problem with rowing is that they don’t go anywhere. Plonk one to twelve men and or women in a boat with some oars and they paddle up and down the same stream. The distance covered achieves noting. Imagine watching the Tour de France where the cyclists sat on static-bikes and rode on the spot for twenty-one days. That is dull.

   How about this? Take them out into the ocean. Make it like a race to get back to safety. Add pirates or sharks and really choppy weather conditions. First crew back on dry land wins.

   Or what about dig some trenches and link up the Murray with the Yarra and have a Tour de France style Tour of Victoria via boat? Hundred of school kids would flock to the side of the elongated river system to watch and get inspired to jump in a shell and take up the sport.

  That’s two great ideas. Come on rowing, get exciting!

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